Open Meetings

We want to open our doors for everyone with our open Café, “Go Teens”, and a self-defense course. Due to vacations and holidays the current opening hours and activities are published in our calendar of events and monthly flyers.

Open Café: P1080470
According to our motto
We have open doors, open ears and open heartswe invite everyone to join us at the Open Café on Tuesdays from 2pm 5pm. We would like to get to know our guests over a nice piece of cake and some coffee or tea. We want to be there for them, listen to them and make friends with them.

Go Teens: GoTeens LOGO
Each Monday from 5:30pm to 8:00pm a meeting for our young ladies from the age of 13 takes place in our Caf
é. We discuss interesting topics, do some handicrafts, and cook and eat together. We want to have fun and strengthen friendships in order to accompany the young ladies on their way to adulthood.

In addition, we cooperaGoKick LOGOte with nehemia Team e.V.and offer an international children and youth program in Gostenhof, either at Veit-Stoß-Platz or the gym of the Johann-Daniel-Preißler-School; Go Kickstarts every Thursday at 4:30pm.

Self-Defense training: Datei 25.04.15 16 28 23
On Mondays self-defense training with Sergej Kaljuk takes place at the CVJM Gostenhof, Glockendonstraße 10. Effectiveness, speed and determination are trained to enable the participants to defend themselves if necessary. A free training is available and participation in a course is always possible; no registration is required for this.
Courses take place every Monday from
6:30pm for children (5-11 years of age)
7:30pm for teens (12-17 years of age)
and 7:30pm
8:30pm for adults (from the age of 18).

Meetings not open to the public

Many private community events take place in our Café. Various events, for example seminars, are published in our calendar of events and in our monthly flyer. The following meetings take place on a regular basis:

Each Tuesday from 6:30pm
7:30pm we meet to pray, to praise and thank God, but also to ask God for help. Often we experience that God answers our prayers and comes to rescue.